2018_07_BH_511. High and Dry - Yanco Glen dry river bed
2018_07_BH_591. Half Moon: at McDougalls Well
2018_07_BH_551. McDougalls Well station
2018_07_BH_389. Menindee Lakes 1: Solitary
2018_07_BH_392. Menindee Lakes 2: Dry
2018_07_BH_639. Mirage: on the way to Broughams Gatehouse
2018_07_BH_369. Little Corella's flocking.
2018_07_BH_369. River Bend: Darling River
2018_07_BH_097. Menindee Lakes 3: Late Afternoon
2018_07_BH_327. Menindee Lakes 4: End of Day
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