Bob Miller is a photographer based in Canberra, Australia.
As an Australian photographer and photographic educator his specialisation is archaeological photography and he is a leading expert in digital photography. Bob has always had a passion for photography and has used his image making in the areas of commercial photography, press, sport, and over 25 years of archaeological photography. Archaeology assignments take him primarily to the Eastern Mediterranean region on sites ranging from Neolithic and Bronze Age, through the Iron and Classical civilisations to the Byzantine and Medieval periods. 
His work as a specialist in archaeological photography has led him to working with a range of universities from Australia, England, Scotland and Poland excavating in Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Syria and Turkey. He has a PhD in archaeological photography from the University of Canberra, Australia, where he was formerly a senior lecturer in photography and design. His research interests include the history of archaeological photography and the impact of digital photography in this field.
Bob originally trained as an artist printmaker and sculptor and throughout his career he has maintained his personal image making alongside the more commercial ventures, and sees the camera as a passport into a variety of life situations. He has a number of State and National Awards for his photography, and his work is represented in institutions including The BHP Collection, the University of Canberra and the National Library of Australia; where his documentary photography is extensively represented.
Combining traditional and digital technologies is one of the challenges facing images makers, and embracing the new processes and providing education based on sound principles of both design and technology have been a hallmark of Bob's photography and teaching.
Bob can usually be found cycling, sailing or in the outback of Australia when not working and has a strong connection with the outdoors.
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