In 2019 I spent two weeks in Broken Hill and region with an Artist In Residence program. These black and white photographs are taken on a camera converted for infra-red capture which provides a strong tonal response to a landscape that is steeped in both Indigenous and settled heritage. I am indebted to Clark Barrett for his knowledge of the region and introducing me to the outlying properties we explored. Prints are toned B&W on museum rag paper.
2019_06_BH_0057.​​​​​​​  The sentinel
2019_06_BH_0175​​​​​​​.  Jones's dump, Mutooroo
2019_06_BH_0220​​​​​​​.  Isolation
2019_06_BH_0428​​​​​​​.  Half moon over Oulnina Park
2019_06_BH_0470​​​​​​​.  Road, Oulnina Park
2019_06_BH_1113​​​​​​​.  Skyline
2019_06_BH_1139​​​​​​​.  Spinifex cover 
2019_06_BH_1269​​​​.  Olary Station
2019_06_BH_1272. Siding at Olary
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