The ANU Classics Museum houses a representative collection of Greek and Roman antiquities dating from about 1500 BC to 500 AD. Items include artefacts from well-known centres such as Athens and Rome, along with material from many other parts of the Greco-Roman world. 
The museum related mobile app links text and photographs where Classics Museum curator, Emeritus Professor Elizabeth Minchin of the Centre for Classical Studies, showcases 22 of the 650 items in the museum’s collection, and wrote descriptions to accompany Bob Miller’s photos.
2009_ANU_Classics_0378. The Johnson Vase. Attic belly amphora. Detail of two warriors in combat. Painter of Group E c. 540 B.C.
2009_ANU_Classics_0374. The Johnson Vase. Attic belly amphora.  Two warriors in combat, a slain warrior between their feet and a male attendant figures to either side. Painter of Group E c. 540 B.C.
2015_ANU_Classics_0042. Greek terracotta statuette of Nike holding a wax tablet in her left hand. Canosa, South Italy. C4-C3 BC
The writing tablet is an unusual feature: perhaps for recording the performances of competitors in the games.
2009_ANU_Classics_0487.  Lebes Gamikos. Seated woman with tamborine and wreath. By the Menzies Painter 340-320 B.C.
2015_ANU_Classics_0058. Tetradrachm of Athens, silver coin
2015_ANU_Classics_0064. Aureus of Vespasian, gold coin
2009_ANU_Classics_0819. Roman glass "tear-bottle" dark green tubular Unguentarium. probably 1st cent. A.D.
2009_ANU_Classics_0815. Unguentarium with pointed base. Blue glass Eastern Mediterranean. 1st cent. A.D.
2009_ANU_Classics_0657. Goat's head Rhyton. Eros with box. Menzies Group 430-320 B.C.
2009_ANU_Classics_0637. Goat's head rhyton. Amazon running; axe and shield falling to the ground. Menzies group 430-320 B.C
2015_ANU_Classics_0125. Greek marble stele of the type known as a Hero Relief. late 4th Cent. BC. Text identifies the owner as Charites with the epithet 'hero'. He is shown reclining at his funerary banquet. In his right hand he holds a ram-headed drinking horn.
2009_ANU_Classics_1427. Marble statuette, portraits of the philosophers type, perhaps copying a late 4th cent. B.C. original. Roman c. 1st cent. A.D.
2009_ANU_Classics_1423. Terracotta figurine of a centurion. Roman late 1st-2nd cent. A.D.
2009_ANU_Classics_0804. Three glass bell unguentaria. 1st-2nd cent. A.D.
2009_ANU_Classics_0599. Plate. Seated woman with dish. Belonging to the wider circle of the Darius Painter 340-320 B.C.
2009_ANU_Classics_0455.  Attic column-krater.  Detail - Thracian hunters.  By the Painter of the Louvre Centauromachy c. 430 B.C.
2009_ANU_Classics_0014. Attic lip cup. A feeding ram c. 540-530 B.C.
2009_ANU_Classics_0105. Attic Lekythos. Herakles fighting Amazons. By the Diosphos painter 1st quarter 5th cent. B.C.
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